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About Separation & Divorce

Family Justice Website (Ministry of Justice):

Canadian Bar Association, Dial-A-Law (Family Law):

Justice Education Society:

JP Boyd’s BC Family Law Resource:

Legal Services Society Family Law Website:

About Child Support

Department of Justice (About Child Support):

Federal Child Support Amounts Tables

Department of Justice 2011 Amended Federal Child Support Tables:

Child Support Online Lookup

Justice Canada, Child Support Online Lookup:

About Spousal Support

Department of Justice (About Spousal Support):

About Canada Pension Plan – Credit Splitting upon Divorce or Separation

Service Canada Pension Information:

Specific Services

BC Courts Websites:

BC Mediator Roster Society:

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program:

Legal Aid:

BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society:

BC Protection Orders and the Protection Order Registry:

Ministry of Justice, Victim Services Directory: