Megan Ellis & Company has more than 25 years of experience advancing and defending clients’ interests on appeals in the BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, in a broad range of matters including:

  • the validity of family law agreements such as separation agreements and prenuptial agreements;
  • the payment of ongoing spousal support from a retired judge’s pension income;
  • child support obligations of high-income parents in shared custody;
  • evidentiary principles such as the protection of a victim’s privacy in relation to her personal journals;
  • quantifying the interest of a spouse in the family home situated on a First Nations’ reserve;
  • variation of support orders;
  • defending a ban on the publication of the identities of victims and witnesses;
  • establishing government liability for sexual abuse by the operator of a facility for juvenile boys;
  • the application of the legal principle that where one or more wrongful acts contribute to an injury, each of the actors is responsible to the victim for all of the damage that flows from the injury, in the context of a sexual abuse claim; and
  • acting for an intervenor on the question of who has standing to bring a lawsuit seeking a declaration on a constitutional issue.

Appeals are subject to strict limitation periods and procedural requirements that affect rights. Someone intending to challenge a court decision, or who receives notice that a decision in their favour is being challenged, should seek legal advice immediately.