Family Law

The lawyers at Megan Ellis & Company take a pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach to each client’s unique circumstances and legal problems.  Clients are helped to understand their rights and obligations and to explore ways to work toward achieving a fair resolution that meets their needs and the needs of their families.

The firm’s family law services include drafting agreements, negotiating settlements, and litigating all family law issues, including:

  • custody, guardianship, and parenting time;
  • parental mobility;
  • child support;
  • spousal support;
  • interim occupancy of the family home;
  • division and reapportionment of property, including pensions;
  • variation of orders and agreements;
  • spousal assaults;
  • restraining orders; and
  • breach of confidence and breach of privacy.

The firm’s lawyers are committed to meeting each client’s objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner by providing thorough, thoughtful legal advice. Clients are encouraged to reach settlements through negotiation or mediation wherever possible. When disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, and a lawsuit is necessary, vigorous, efficient, and economical representation is provided, taking into account the complexity and value of what is at stake.

Our lawyers work with colleagues in other provinces and internationally to assist parties to resolve cross-border issues, including division of property in other countries.

The family litigation practice involves emergency applications, applications to preserve assets, obtain interim orders, and obtain financial and documentary disclosure, full trials, and appeals.